Google Knows Your Competitors

This is an approximate demo layout. The actual report will be properly formatted in a Word document. Some technical terms are explained below the report.

Where the term ‘Organic’ is used, it signifies traffic resulting from unpaid Google searches rather than from paid Google Adwords advertisements (normally the top three results on the Google Search page, labelled ‘Ad’).

There are normally ten or more organic Google Search results on Page 1 below the Ads. This is the most effective place to show up on Google Search as the data shows most people do not respond to Google Ads, but regard organic search results are more authentic.

Organic competitor data is dynamic and some shifts in the data occur week on week. The data always provides a number of organic competitors. Normally the selection of the Top 3 organic competitors is clear and evident. Where some ambiguity may exist, an attempt is made to select the most significant competitor in domain rating and traffic volume terms.

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Example Report

Client “Some Business”: Website Address, Domain Rating, Organic Traffic

Website Address (Home Page):
Domain Rating (DR, out of a possible 100):27
Estimated Total Visits Per Month (Organic Traffic)1100

Client “Some Business”

Top 5 Webpages (on Date: DD/MM/YY) (excluding Home Page)Top KeywordOrganic Traffic labelwriter 45030 with back support27 supports for chairs27 back support25 paper25

Top 3 Organic Competitors

CompetitorDRTotal Organic TrafficTop PageTop KeywordOrganic Page Traffic
Business pads273 organisers260 boxes241
Business stamp651 paper a4284 2022241
Business for desk55 name51


Domain Rating (DR)Google regards links (the technical term is ‘backlinks’) from other authoritative and relevant websites as an important measure of a website’s strength profile. A website’s DR is a measure of the strength of the website compared to the other websites in the rating tool database on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Learn more.
Organic TrafficThe estimated number of monthly visitors that the target gets from organic search. Learn more.
KeywordA keyword is a term used in digital marketing to describe a word or a group of words an Internet user uses to perform a search in a search engine or search bar. Learn more.
Organic TrafficThe estimated number of monthly visitors that the target gets from organic search. Learn more.
Top PageThe list of top pages were the website pages (excluding home page) that had received the most organic search traffic for the particular week. Organic traffic patterns may change over time and hence the top page order might be different on a different date.