wordpress-uploadUploading WordPress to your hosting provider server (or remote server) is the next step in our journey.

You have already prepared all the files and configured wp-config.php (that was our last post).

Best to have all these files in a particular separate folder somewhere convenient on your computer, all ready for uploading. ...continue reading Uploading WordPress


Ok, time to get hold of WordPress and configure it. We'll leave uploading it until next to reduce the length of this post.

So far you've got your website address, you've rented some server space, set up an FTP client on your computer and created a new database on your server space.

Wow, that's already quite something! Not so far now from getting your WordPress blog or site up and running. ...continue reading Download from WordPress.org

MySQLWhen you have a WordPress blog or website it uses a database to store lots of info, such as the content of posts, pages, images and lots of other stuff connected with the blog or website.

That database facility is provided as part of the package you rent from the hosting service so it's all there ready and waiting! You just need to set it up! ...continue reading Setting Up Database For WordPress

WordPressIf you've already bought a domain name and rented some web hosting space you are the proud possessor of some cyber real-estate! Congratulations!

If you have got FileZilla up and running you can put files on your server space.

So you might as well put something on it to let people who are surfing the web know you are there if they punch in your web address! ...continue reading Holding Page

FileZilla Home Page
FileZilla Home Page
You need an FTP (file transfer protocol) client on your computer so that you can upload and download files to your website / blog folders on your hosting service server.

There are plenty ways you can do this but I use FileZilla which is free and is easy to configure and use. So let's go with that.  Read more...

Blacknight Minumus Web Hosting
Blacknight Minumus Web Hosting
Making a website accessible globally through the World Wide Web (www) requires some pretty special technology. Some large companies will do it themselves because their web traffic will justify it.

However, the vast majority of smaller websites are rendered on the www through a 'hosting provider'. There are many. ...continue reading Website Hosting

web addressYour own web address, I think, is the way to go for all sorts of good reasons.

By this I mean www.(whatever name you want or get).com or dot whatever. There are lots available and most countries have their own suffix (known as a 'top-level domain') if that's what you want. Obviously certain rules apply.  Read more...

digital hands on
Digital Hands On
Would you like to be able to set up and run a blog with a web address of your own choosing?

Understand how a basic web page is constructed and maybe be able to do that yourself?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have in-depth digital experience and qualifications.  Read more...

world wide webI was speaking with Peter recently and he said, "I can use a computer, ie Word, Excel, Email, Facebook, etc. But I don't have any in-depth digital technology skills and it all looks so complicated. Where do I start in terms of building my digital skills?" ...continue reading Digital – Where To Start