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Possibilities limited only by our imagination

A few reasons why the Golden Years can be so great:

  • for example, in 2022 in the US, age 55+ represented only about 30% of the total population, but owned about 68% of the total wealth. Both those percentages are continuing to increase over time.
  • leading to longer life expectancy, better health, more physical activity and consumer affluence in the Golden Years.
  • freedom to choose how to spend time, the single resource of which we all possess the same amount, and money can’t buy more.
  • accessible technology as an aid for searching for products and services, recreation, networking, lifelong learning, business startups, etc.
  • life and work experience, networks of business contacts, friends and associates.
  • the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity and success in the US is among the 55 to 64 age group.

Some of the broad areas I will blog about…


I’m just so nostalgic the Concorde era has passed. But I did have one flight from NY to London back in the day. Breathtaking, afterburner takeoff and up to Mach 2.0 at 57,000ft! That’s 1,400mph! Travel is so accessible now though, more to expand our experiences of interesting places than riding a jet hotrod. Let’s see how we can build that into the big picture here!

Accessible technology

Engaging in the digital transformation that is currently moving through society is key to participation in all the benefits available to our Golden Years tribe! Too much to offer a meaningful summary in this short note – make sure to follow the blog for more on this.

and more…

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