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27 Best Websites for Boomers and Generation X

I set out to search for a list of sites aimed at the general interests of Boomer and Generation X Internet users. Boomers being a term used for people born in the 1946-64 range, and Generation X in the 1965-80 range. My choices for the 27 Best Websites for Boomers and Generation X from that search are further down.

Here’s the crux: there has to be hundreds, thousands, more sites out there that would be relevant and interesting to the age ranges mentioned. More on that later. But first a little background.

Some Boomer and Generation X Achievements

Have a look at this information from Visual Capitalist about the economic clout of the various generational categories:

economic power by generation

The reason I was interested in these two generational tribes in particular was they created and own the vast majority of the economic wealth of the world. The Internet, the World Wide Web, and digital technology in general, would also have been the brainchildren of the Boomer generation. And it seems reasonable to contend that breakthroughs such as these were then evolved to more mature stages by Gen X’rs. So it’s interesting to see how easy, or difficult, it might be to find websites around their broad interests.

Another reason I’m interested is that I also fall into the Boomer birth date range by a healthy margin. And I feel fortunate about that. But who came up with these generational terms anyway?


The Way Martin Sheene

The first time I heard the term ‘boomer’ was in the film ‘The Way’, starring Martin Sheene and Emilio Estevez. That was way back sometime around 2011. The film was about walking the Camino de Santiago. In some prickly exchanges between the main character, Dr. Thomas Avery (Martin Sheene), and Sarah (Deborah Unger), she slings the label ‘Boomer’ in his face quite a bit.

Actually, born in 1940, Sheene was pre-Boomer, pre-1946-to-64. But nothing the movie make-up artists couldn’t handle. Unger herself just undershot it, born in 1966!

Being a coloquialism from the contemporary American lexicon, ‘boomer’, meaning ‘baby boomer’, may not have been so familiar a term outside the US. Of course the Internet has changed all that, including the other generational buzz words in use today.

But understated and unassuming as we are, boomers are the bees knees as far as accomplishment is concerned, despite tirades from the likes of Greta Thunberg. Lots of data is available, and one stand-out fact is that, in the US, in terms of economic clout, or wealth, boomers have more than Generation X, Millennials (1981 – 96) and Generation Z (1997 – 2012) combined. So says the Federal Reserve, and they would know!

The other thing is Boomers are becoming more and more attuned to technology and the digital age. Their numbers going online and engaging digitally are increasing all the time. This was only accelerated by the COVID-19 experience.

Active Websites on Internet

There are somewhere around 200 million active websites on the Internet (Internetlivestats) today, a huge resource of information, inspiration, and entertainment. Something for everyone, in a manner of speaking. No matter what we’re looking for information about, Google does a great jpb in turning up a list of what it thinks best addresses our search queries. So where might the general interests of Boomers and Gen X focus, in terms of sites?

Boomer and Generation X Areas of Interest

When considering people beyond, let’s say, their middle years, terms like ‘senior’, ‘retirement’, ‘retirement homes’, ‘assisted living’, etc., crop up rather often. Sure, those might be part of the vocabulary for some in the overall target audience I had in mind. There are tons of reputable sites related to those areas, and I’ve indicated a few below. But relevant as that may be to some, I wanted to cast a wider net.

I firmly believe there are many others who also perceive the middle years+ as a new and exciting phase of life to enjoy and explore while those options are possible and available. This was the main focus here. I have also written a post on some ideas for an active retirement here.

So, outside perhaps the topics I mentioned in the second-to-previous paragraph, what might the broad interests typically be for people of our target audience?

Well, websites are a bit like personalities, or maybe the personalities of their creators – each one is unique. Often an eclectic mix of content that doesn’t fit neatly into pre-defined categories. So it was with my 27 Best Websites for Boomers and Generation X below. But what I did try to do was break them down into a few broad categories.

There’s no doubt that Travel is the single most popular theme for the age range of interest here. There is a plethora of websites around the travel theme for people in their mature years. I’ve tried to pick a few worthwhile ones. Next up would be Health & Fitness, where our age range is placing a lot of emphasis, and rightly so.

Then, I’ve ‘invented’ a few categories to hold some other sites of potential interest. The first is ‘Active’, which has an overtone of travel about it. But these days there is a strong movement in areas like walking, hiking, bicycling, etc., so I’ve put them there under ‘Active’. My next category invention is ‘Mixed’, where it’s a challenge to identify a particular theme for the site, short of going all philosophical, but they could be interesting to some.

I’ve also dropped in a ‘Writing’ category with reference to a couple of good sites on the subject. It might seem a little out of place. But I do get the impression that many people in their more mature years aspire to do some writing. And it’s very creative. Hence its inclusion.

Credibility of Claims

And, as a slight aside, far be it from me to wish to rain on anybody’s parade – quite the opposite. But I feel a responsibility to advise the need to stay grounded in reality. There are no ‘Internet Police’ making sure that claims made on websites are truthful or factual. That applies to claims about making money, benefits of supplements, remedies of all kinds, including for sleeping better, anti-ageing, weight loss, or pretty much anything else. We have to:

  • be our own Internet Police
  • keep our BS filters on high alert
  • think ‘credibility’ at all times
  • be cautious about exaggerated ultra-context-specific claims transposed to generalised circumstances

Also worth noting that supplements do not require US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval before they can be sold and marketed. Hence they are not subject to the strict rules that pharmaceuticals are. Same goes for beauty and cosmetics products as far as I am aware.

Disclaimer: Just so we’re clear, this article is not in any way a recommendation to follow any of the advice given on any of the sites listed here. All such risks are solely and exclusively assumed by the reader. Now that that’s out of the way, onwards.

With that, let’s run through my 27 Best Websites for Boomers and Generation X.

List of Sites


Travel + LeisureThe travel website and blog space is very crowded. But Travel + Leisure sets a high standard and has a long pedigree in the worldwide travel business. A great travel resource, beautiful images, impossible to summarise in a few lines. Huge team of experts on just about everything travel.
A Little AdriftShannon O’Donnell, the creator of the site, says A Little Adrift evolved from a pure travelogue into a resource point to motivate and encourage other travelers through stories, advice, and photography. A wealth of content in scope and depth.
The Healthy VoyagerCarolyn Scott-Hamilton calls herself an award winning Latina, healthy, special diet and green living and travel expert. So, great travel content aplenty, plus a lot more around healthy eating, wellness, lifestyle, etc. Great site design and layout.
Travel PassionateVery nice site and very well laid out. Chrissy, is a Tourism Management Graduate with a passion for traveling. Her travel blog offers personal advice and guidance around a host of great world wide travel destinations.
Journalist On The RunThis is a travel adventure blog by Janet, also a qualified journalist. Great, diverse content about what she describes as her ‘escapades around the world’. The home page describes how to write a travel blog. Fine. Trumpeting earning $10k per month as if one just followed the other is another matter. If only it were that easy! Outlandish promises are all too easy, and popular as honeypots to entice the naive – delivery is normally where it all comes unstuck. Other than that it’s a very nice site.
Travel TweaksThey say, they bring the latest travel news, the most accurate reviews of destinations, hotels and accommodation, activities, restaurants and other fun travel stuff. Site design and layout perhaps not the best, but has a significant Google domain rating.
Wayfaring ViewsAimed at those who like going beyond touristy sites, poking into edgy urban corners or straying off the beaten path. They provide practical guides with alternative itineraries and offbeat adventures. A lot of articles about the Camino de Santiago in their blog, but many other interesting articles too. I’m a big fan of avoiding touristy hotspots, bright lights, etc., and seeking out the hidden gems – there are plenty. That mode of travel is encouraged by this site.

Health & Fitness

Longevity LiveTheir site subtitle is ‘The Art and Science of Staying Young’, very aspirational indeed. And lots of great sections relating to our age range of interest. They have a section bluntly called ‘Ageing’ – not diplomatic but an inevitable process, and many pages of interesting content around that.
Fruitful YieldBased on a family-run health food business, asserting that their products that are free of GMOs, petroleum by-products, and any artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Their blog has a long list of articles aimed at healthy lifestyle and recipes.
Art of Healthy LivingBy Becky Stafferton, seems mostly but not exclusively aimed at a female audience. Covers an eclectic range of topics around healthy living, including food, fitness and wellbeing. The blog covers a panorama of her musings about life.
Keep It SimplelleBy Elle Linto, she is a qualified fitness expert and says the site is the professional insight into health & fitness that we all need. It’s certainly comprehensive. Just be very careful about easing gently into this sort of stuff if it’s not part of your normal current lifestyle.
Fit And Well
Active Ageing
The main site is aimed at the younger hard-core fitness buff. The menu section of interest here is labelled ‘Active Ageing’. It has a wide range of good articles around exercises, stretches, and techniques to maintain a healthy body and mind throughout our more mature years. Very worthwhile.


Switchback TravelOne of the best sites for information and education about outdoor gear, hiking and walking. A wonderful site, very well informed writers. Perhaps primarily aimed at a younger audience than Boomers and Gen X, but the content is universally applicable.
Walking WorldRegular walking is an enormously popular and healthy recreational and fitness activity, particularly for those of us beyond our most youthful years. Walking World  is a gateway to thousands of walks all around England, Scotland and Wales via their website and app. This is a wonderful site to explore for inspiration and ideas around routes.
Decide OutsidePeter and Diane Mitchell’s interesting site says it’s about helping others get outside and enjoy the planet! All sorts on interesting content about activity in the outdoors, including walking and related gear. Interesting site!
Camino De SantiagoIf you’ve ever walked any of the Camino stages or routes you will have been astounded by the number of people in their mature years involved, from so many different countries. I have included this Camino site as a tribute to its place in so many lives and hearts, including ours. A wealth of information and experience at your fingertips.
Active Over 50Larry Hayes’s site is a welcome and useful addition to the genre here. It is a digital publication, been going for the past 13 years, and is aimed principally at the boomer generation. There are loads of interesting and relevant articles across a wide spectrum of topics.


Outdoor TagThe site headline is, ‘Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions About Travel & The Outdoors’. They say the site is for ‘Fanatics Like Us Who Are Fascinated by The Activities, Ideas, Philosophies & Feelings from Outside World That Leads Toward Open Air Bliss’. I can’t really add to that except to note the breadth of content they provide, and it’s interesting and relevant stuff for active people!
50 Plus TodayBy Leslie Farin, she call the site ‘your go-to resource for reliable, meaningful and inspirational information for everything 50+’. Covers the full range of lifestyle topics for this age range, and includes a business directory. Leslie has a fantastic philosophy of life, saying, ‘Our later years are a great time to figure out and achieve what we want from life without the uncertainty that followed us in our earlier years’ and it reflects in the great site she has published.
Man TrippingI haven’t set out to statistically prove the point or anything, but anecdotally at least it seems the fairer sex has outshone us guys in creating websites aimed at the age range of interest here. So when I came across Man Tripping, aimed squarely at males, I had to include it! James Hills is the creator and he says he wanted to develop content that reflected his lifestyle as a man who loves to travel, explore new places and see life from perspectives while enjoying wine, food, and cultural experiences with other like-minded men. Seems to me he has succeeded big-time! Very creative.
Second Wind MovementMy purpose was to identify sites with a broader scope than just retirement, and this site also has a lot of great content for mature people with a wider focus than just retirement. The site title is creative and inspirational. Very nicely designed site, very well presented.
Sixty & MeThe creators say the site is a community of over 600,000 dynamic baby boomer women. But there is good content relevant to both sexes, and it covers the full spectrum of lifestyle topics, Hence its inclusion in our list. Presumably they don’t object if males also form part of their viewership?
Baby BoomersThe creators say, ‘ is the resource for Baby Boomers who want to keep their mind open, their information current, their lifestyle healthy, and their life interesting’. It certainly provides some great content across a wide range of topics. Great site!


Writers WriteAmanda Patterson created this site, and it’s so interesting I had to include it. So many people that have moved beyond their younger years are interested in writing, and this is such a great site on the topic The further along the timeline we progress, the more experiences and memories we have that can be interesting and helpful to others. This is an inspirational site that can help us do that.
SmartBloggerOne of my pet peeves is exploiting exaggeratory headlines to attract subscribers, clicks, readers, attention, or whatever. Very fashionable these days. SmartBlogger might be edging in that direction to some extent, but it isn’t the worst. The reason I’m putting it into this list is that it has some very useful content about blogging. And clearly blogging is an interest area to many in the more mature age ranges.


These are two top sites, aimed more specifically at retirement than the rest of the list.

Satisfying RetirementBob Lowry’s great site is one of the leading retirement lifestyle blogs on the Internet. He provides a blend of information and insight on all aspects of retirement: relationship-strengthening, finding our passions, time management, health and healthy living, aging issues, and solutions, as well as financial guidance. Great info!
The Senior ListA great retirement resource created by Amie Clark. She says it’s a place where mature adults and caregivers can discover the latest senior-friendly technologies, engage in meaningful discussions, and find senior discounts, housing, and much more.


These 27 sites are what were found with some research over a few weeks, and using a few useful search analysis tools.

If readers come across or know of any other useful sites I would be grateful if they could let me know through my contact form here, thank you, and also thank you for visiting.

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